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Orthopedic Large Xen Back Support Cushion

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The large orthopedic Xen cushion is the recommended solution for back support while driving, sitting or working at your desk.

“The large Xen cushion is the only cushion that can be transformed in contour to adjust to a multitude of positions for upper and lower spine.

The larger Xen cushion is selected because of the wider feel inside of the cushion for back support. The cushion can be rolled up for more pressure point relief or turned vertical along the back for spinal support.

The large Xen cushion is made of an open cell breathable foam. The cover is removable, made of a natural soft fabric and will not get hot. 

 The benefits 

·         Used as a preventive solution by alleviating early pressure point pains and discomfort in the back and shoulder.

·         The orthopedic adjustable contoured back support helps to reduce stress and maintain a natural back posture while keeping your body comfortably aligned.



The features

·         Use the cushion as an adjustable back support for driving or just comfortably sitting.

·         Take the large Xen cushion for use on your next road trip.

·         Washable

·         Lightweight + flexible

·         U.S. Design Patented



  • Velvet Blue or Gold

Available size 

  • Large size : 24″ (L) x 11″ (W) x 7″ (H)


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