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1.    How do I select the right Xen Pillow?

There is a personal comfort zone for each individual.

Select as follows:

Large Xen Pillow or Cushion - Large

Small Xen Pillow or Cushion - Small


a.       Collar neck size of 18” + or less select a large  

b.       Collar neck size of 16” or less select a small

c.       Juniors and Kids select the small

d.       If you do not want the noise reduction feature use the small  

e.       If you enjoy being cozy, snuggle /cuddle-up, select the large

 f.       Watching TV in bed use a Xen Pillow the small or large


2.    How long does it take to experience results from using the Xen pillow?

For most customers it is immediate.  For others, it could take up to 2 to 5 days for your neck, shoulder and body alignment to get used to a naturally contoured position that you were denied sleeping on with a regular pillow for years. You can also flip or turn the pillow around on the flat side or any side you wish for comfort adjustment. Or up the Xen Pillow on top of your existing flat pillow to get accustom to the natural feel and alignment.

3.    How do I use the Xen Pillow for additional neck support?

While laying on your back, slide the pillow up onto your shoulders and tilt the pillow up a little so that it tucks slightly more under the cervical area of your neck for additional comfort and support.

4.     How to use the Xen Pillow for additional shoulder support?

Turn (Flip over) the pillow over so the flat side is facing upward and gently move the side support cushions under your head to lift and take the weight directly off your shoulder.

5.     How do I experience the Xen Mode?

While lying on your back with the cervical area under your neck, move both your arms around and above your head. Your shoulders will softly push the side supports towards your ears. This creates noise reduction within a meditation position.  You are now inside the Xen Mode and "the Xen World"...enjoy.

6.     Do you sell Xen pillow cases?

 Yes, you can order them online. There are many selections for every size pillow. You have the option to choose a cooler or warmer feel for your personal comfort. See our website as advertised. There are many styles and options you can find throughout the year such as different themes for each season and characters for youths.  Check back on our website not to miss the fun and cool styles.

7.     How do I care for my Xen Pillow?

The Xen Pillow with the non-removable cover is machine washable.  Follow the instructions on the washing label. 

The Xen Pillow (proprietary foam) has a core cover (cotton knit), wash on a short gentle cycle.

Squeeze any excess water from the pillow by hand.

Tumble Dry the Xen Pillow. Due to the different pillow sizes, drying time will vary.

8.     What material is the Xen pillow covered with?

The core pillow is a proprietary foam that is covered with a cotton knit fabric.

The pillow cases are made with cotton or polyester fabrics.


9.    Are there other Xen Pillow Stores?

Xen Pillow products are offered online only.  


10   How to fit the Xen Pillow into the Xen Pillow Case?

Turn the pillow case so the back side is facing you. Then, squeeze the Xen Pillow side cushion support to fit inside the pillow case opening then slide the pillow case on.  Repeat the same technique for the other side. Straighten out the pillow case to fit over the side cushion supports.