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Testimonials and Video Reviews

A few testimonials from Xen PillowTM users:


Here are the Journalist links from New York, NY, and product reviews (being updated on the website).

New York Journalist Peachy Deegan Review links:






1.       Dr. Patrick R., Chiropractor, Randolph, NJ - 2014:

“The Xen Pillow supports my neck, back, and spineand allows for a more correct sleeping posture than a regular pillow. The unique shape of the Xen Pillow allows for support in many different sleeping positions. It even makes it easier to sleep on my back, my preferred position.”

Rating: 4.5 Stars

2.       Dr. Michael G., Chiropractor, Dover, NJ - 2014:

“Perfect support of neck during a back and side sleep positions. Easy transition to side position without body readjustment.”

Rating: 5 Stars


3.       Dr. Bijal D., Physician, Succasunna, NJ - 2014:

“Very comfortable to sleep on. User friendly.”

Rating: 5 Stars


4.       Kevin M., Esq., Randolph, NJ- 2014:


“I have suffered from intermittent chronic neck pain (left side) for about four years. The pain usually gets so bad that it restricts my ability to turn my head. On a scale of one to ten, the pain often rates a nine. I have been reluctant to get treatment from a chiropractor because I do not want to have to keep going back to one for constant adjustments.

“Several weeks ago, I suffered a particularly bad day of pain. It was obvious to those around me that I was in significant pain, as I was wincing and subconsciously lifting my left shoulder in reaction to the stabbing pain in my neck. That evening, I slept with the Xen Pillow. The next morning I awoke completely free from pain and continued to be symptom-free for days.

“I have slept with the pillow since that night and the episodes of neck pain have almost disappeared. The few incidents when I have experienced pain since first sleeping with the pillow have been much less severe than normal. Although I am not a doctor, given the amount and frequency of the bouts I was experiencing, I can only attribute this dramatic reduction since using the pillow to the cervical support that it provides to my neck.

“I usually prefer to sleep on either of my sides. The pillow accommodates this position quite well and, in my experience, continues to cradle my head and neck while I sleep. I will continue to sleep exclusively with the Xen Pillow and I suspect that my neck pain will ultimately be totally eliminated. It offers me a much better alternative than chiropractic adjustments, surgery, heating pads, and painkillers.”

Rating: 5 Stars


5.       Charles P., Chief Engineer, East Stroudsburg, PA - 2014:

Charles identified his several favored sleeping positions, and his sleeping problems were numerous. Charles states, “The Xen Pillow was very comfortable and I really slept like a baby. This is a revolutionary design.

Rating: 5 Stars


6.       Challin H., Marketing and Sales Executive, Florence, KY - 2014:

Challin identified her favored sleeping position as being on her side. Her sleeping problems included neck pain, headaches, and arm numbness. She comments: “I have tried numerous pillows over the past 10-15 years, never really understanding the relationship between a pillow, neck pain, and headaches. From the first night with my new Xen Pillow, I have been neck pain-free and blissfully headache-free! Amazing product!”

Rating: 5 stars


7.       Perry Q., Waldwick, NJ - 2014:

“I would wake up in the middle of the night with numbness in my fingers and hand. Since I’ve been sleeping with the Xen Pillow on my side, I have had no problems with circulation anywhere. My wife keeps taking my Xen Pillow. I guess it’s time to get another.

Rating: 5 Stars


8.       Susan M., Roxbury, NJ - 2014:

“I have slept on a foam orthopedic pillow for five years due to two herniated disks in my neck. I have found my foam pillow to be heavy and very warm. I often wake up with a hot and sweaty neck. When I tried the Xen Pillow, I found that it was very comfortable. It is made of a foam that is very light and less dense than the one I was used to. I woke up feeling cooler and well-rested!

Rating 5 Stars


9.       George B., Long Valley, NJ - 2014:


Xen was quiet and peaceful when sleeping. It felt like serenity!

Rating: 4 Stars


10.    Rose A., Succasunna, NJ - 2014:


“The raised side blocks noise and helps with sleeping. The pillow helped with the alignment of my back.

Rating: 5 Stars


11.    Christopher D., Boonton Township, NJ - 2015:


“I tried the Xen Pillow, and what a difference it made. My neck and back felt better and my sleep was more restful. My wife loved it, too, because it reduced my snoring.

Rating: 5 Stars


12.   Dahiana S., Home Care, Morris Plains, NJ -2015:

"The Xen Pillow was extremely helpful and I would recommend to my friend and family. I used the Xen Pillow to support my back when I breastfeed my son and it really helped me with my back pain. I love it..Thank you! and Good Luck !"

Rating: 4 Stars


13.   Nanette S., Business Owner, and Math Professor, Randolph, NJ - 2015:

"The Xen Pillow helped me with my arm numbness. I used the cradling side of the Xen Pillow for deep comfortable sleep."

Rating: 4.5


14.    yhair_contreras – December 9, 2015:

C.  Contreras, I suffered a back injury while working. This resulted in 2 herniated disk and 1 twisted disk. I am in pain most days and unable to walk. I have received medical attention to include cortisone treatment. This has given me temporary relief. However, the pain is back after the treatment is worn off. The doctors have left me without any back support. I researched many of the products currently on the market that should provide some support for this type of injury. Until I came across this product called the Xen Pillow.
I checked this product out in detail, although they said it was not a medical product. The reviews and product content provided enough information for me to try it out… and it was so reasonably priced I order the Large Xen Cushion because it came with a free cover of my choice.
I now use it in my lumbar area while sleeping, the first day was uncomfortable because of my pain. The second day was much better and the third day my pain was reduced significantly and I was able to walk with little to no pain. I use it now in my car and sleep with the Xen Pillow in the lumbar area every night now for one month so far. My pain is not totally gone but the relief is much better than a short burst of cortisone treatment. My goodness, I can work longer hours on my feet, run around with my kid and wife. I have more movement and feel comfortable. It seems like prolonged use on the Xen pillow I feel better each day. It has provided the back support I needed to keep up with my activities, who would think this product would have worked so great. I didn’t at first.
I recommend using this product. It has made a difference for me, thanks to the creator of this product. A product to spread around with friends and family. I have noted on their website they have testimonials from various professionals including medical, very cool.


15.   Gina, Atlanta – September 4, 2015:

I’ve tried many different pillows and this is the one I fell in love with.
It took me two days to understand my best comfort position and now I’ve been using it for 1 month and can’t be happier. This is truly comfortable and easy for my neck and shoulders to get rest after all day of work.
Thank you!

(Posted on 1/25/14)


16.   Sabrina – September 4, 2015:

The pillow was very comfortable for my back. It came as a big support as I was suffering from back pain. (Posted on 12/24/14)


17.    Yana Krakinovsky – September 4, 2015:

I am convinced that there’s no better pillow on the market then this wonderful Large size Xen Pillow. I really mean it. Whoever designed this pillow is a genius. It gives you all the support and comfort you ever wanted from a pillow. I’ve tried other pillows before that were made from memory foam and were supposed to be good for neck support. They were horrible! So stiff that I woke up with a headache. I had to look for something else and I found Xen Pillow. It gives your head so much room to move along and the side cushions are high enough to catch your head wherever it goes if you turn a lot and change positions while sleeping. I definitely recommend this pillow for anyone. Even if you have a petite complexion and a small body frame this size pillow will be good for you, trust me. (Posted on 2/24/15)


18.   Mari K – September 4, 2015:

I was recommended to try this Xen Pillow to alleviate the numbness of my hands that I had for several months after waking up. I was surprised how fast my problem was resolved, just a few days and I woke up without numb hands. You need 2-3 days to get used to the Xen Pillow, it will feel very hard at the beginning but you will get used to it very quickly. I am a side sleeper and this Xen Pillow is perfect for me. I use it as lumbar support when reading in bed too. I tried the "my-pillow" product before but my hands would get numb. I feel fully rested now using the Xen Pillow and do not move around a lot in bed like I usually did with the Mypillow. Thank you, Xen Pillow, for your invention! (Posted on 3/10/15)


19.   Marlene Johnson – September 4, 2015:

I have been using this pillow every night since August 5th, 2014. What a difference it has made to my life. I was diagnosed with Cervical Spondylitis about 10 years ago, so I have had many nights with tingling and numb fingers. I am so happy to say that since I have been using the Xen Pillow, I can honestly say that I have been sleeping much better and can perform at work like I used to when I was younger. The pillow can be used in so many ways for support, I actually place it on a very flat pillow, as this gives my “long” neck the support it needs. I am comfortable on my back or on either side as I do turn a few times at night.
Marlene Johnson
San Diego, Diego Martin, Trinidad W.I.


20.   Dovie Kay Fisher – September 4, 2015:

I am disabled from Degenerative discs disease. I spend approximately 16 hours a day in bed. I had 3 discs replaced, 3 bone graphs and a titanium plate with 8 screws placed in my neck. I bought the Xen Pillow and now I rest comfortably and the pain no longer keeps me awake all night. You got to try the Xen Pillow. I promise it will be the best pillow you ever laid your head-on.


21.   Yana Krakinovsky – September 4, 2015:

I was looking for a perfect pillow for myself and that’s when I came across a recommendation for Xen Pillow on Facebook. I ended up buying one for my husband (large size) and one for myself (medium size). I really like this pillow as it is great for traveling. It is pretty small compare to the other size but when you travel that’s all you need. However, if you’re looking to get more room for your head and are planning to use the pillow mostly at home then do yourself a favor and order a large one. It is much wider and the side cushions are high enough to give you all the support and comfort in the world and you won’t regret it!
If you are a person who turns and changes position while sleeping then the medium pillow is NOT for you, because it is designed to keep your face in position to avoid wrinkles. The large size offers many extra features you would need no matter how tall or short.


22.    Charles J – January 16, 2016:

I had been using a memory pillow for years until I tried the Xen pillow. It took a few days to get used to but I am sleeping much better and it seems to help my back problem significantly. Glad I tried it!


23.   Maria E – January 13, 2016:

This is the Best Pillow that I have ever owned and used in my entire life, I’m so GRATEFUL for this amazing creation.


24.   Loretta J – January 5, 2016:

Thanks to my Office Manager/Co-Worker, I was recently introduced to an amazing new pillow concept called the XenPillow. I have often been plagued with neck and shoulder discomfort when I wake up in the morning. After sleeping on this unique style of pillow design for several weeks I have noticed a difference in how I feel after a comfortable and cozy night sleep with my new “Bed Companion.”
The designer has put a lot of effort into creating an ergonomically contour pillow. How many other manufacturers do you know that can say the same? The Xen Pillow conforms to what every sleep position you assume. It is lightweight, flexible very comfortable and the small version can be used as back support while driving your car and traveling.
I have a disabled Son who is confined to bed and has resorted to the use of “no pillow” in bed because of neck and shoulder discomfort. We have tried many different products for him but to no avail. I recently gifted him the XenPillow with several custom made pillowcases. This pillow has now become his “a bed companion” and he only relinquishes claim to it for a pillowcase change. It provides great support for his head and neck while he accesses his laptop computer and comfortable night sleep.

5 out of 5


25.   Bobbie M – January 2, 2016:

This is the second Xen pillow that I will own. I’ve been using it for only five nights and can feel a difference in my neck, shoulders, lower spine, and my sleep has improved as well.
I know this sounds  like an ad, but it is true!

I sleep from my left to the right side, then on my back, changing positions during the night.
Since using this pillow I tend to sleep on my back with much less turning from side to side.

I ordered the firm pillow to support my lower spine when sitting for long periods of time.

I am so happy that Marge found you and your wonderful pillows!
I am sharing this find with all my family and friends!  5 out of 5

Thank you,


Bobbie M

26.  Thomas Price - Sept 18, 2016:

This Xen Pillow did the trick with respect to relieving back pain due to driving in excess of 50,000

miles per year. I have recommended this product to all my associates, who also drive as many

miles per year as me. I love the fact I can adjust the pillow for a custom fit.


27.   Maureen Nanoo – April 22, 2020:

I've had a problem getting a good night's sleep. I toss and turn but can't get a comfortable sleep...

Then I tried the XEN PILLOW and OMG!!!

I had the most restful sleep ever... I don't have the need to take any kind of sleeping aid.

I look forward to going to sleep on my sweet XEN PILLOW.

I told my family and friends about this miracle pillow. I give it 5 stars


28.   Linda B. – April 24, 2020:

I bought two large pillows for my friend and I. I had been using My Pillow and find the Xenpillow to be better constructed and more ergonomically designed to relieve neck and back pains. I can also use this pillow in my car which prevents me from getting back pain. I believe that my friend is also very satisfied. Unlike other pillows, this one really helps not only rest well but also provides proper alignment of the neck and shoulders. This is beneficial to combating other body aches.


5 out of 5 stars rating

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