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Adjustable Large Neck Support 3MC - Special Jacquard Fabric

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Orthopedic Neck Support Solution

New Orthopedic Product line: Xen Cushion 3MC

The orthopedic pillow product line designed and developed by Xen Pillow Manufacturing has 3 Mini Cushions (3MC) that provide bio-mechanical cervical and surround neck comfort support. The 3MC cushion is designed with three mini adjustable and removable cushions. Since everyone does not have the same cervical neck issues, our 3MC design facilitates customers having a choice of using any number of the mini cushions to satisfy their sleep, and cervical neck support.

With the Xen Cushion 3MC, we created a dynamic feel due to its shape and flexibility on the contoured and flat side of the cushion.  Our technical team diligently engineered the new 3MC with contoured neck pads closer to the neck to relieve muscle tension, stress, aches and pain along with cervical neck support. The contoured support relieves pressure pinched or irritated nerves by maintaining the proper cervical curve and alignment. This design completes a bio-mechanical cervical neck solution system for our trusted clients.

The fabric cover of the Xen Cushion 3MC is a cool touch moisture release fabric. The fabric will not get hot or feel wet while sleeping. The heat and moisture normally generated by your own body temperature will quickly wick away from your head and neck while sleeping on the 3MC.

We encourage our clients to seek professional Chiropractors and Physical Therapists sessions as necessary. However, maintaining cervical neck to body alignment support is a continuous process especially in the privacy of your home when you are not being treated at the Doctor's office you have no orthopedic support at home. The Xen Cushion 3MC provides this essential support. Use of the Xen Cushion 3MC helps maintain your adjustments and alignments for a longer period of time before your next professional visit if needed.

We engineered our orthopedic product line with the same patented shape as the original Xen Pillow and product trademark. The Xen Cushion 3MC kept some of the features and benefits of the original Xen Pillow but added extended comfort, cervical neck features, and benefits as listed below.


The Orthopedic Xen Cushion 3MC features are as follows:

1.    The 3MC provides bio-mechanical cervical neck support with 3 mini pressure point adjustable cushions on the contoured side.

2.    On the top of the 3MC, a mini cushion is located there to gently cradle the top of the head

3.    The 3MC design also has a side to side mini adjustable cushions for a plush snuggle-up feel.

4.    The 3MC is made with proprietary medical breathable molded foam. It is a contoured design with open cells and would not go flat.

5.    The 3MC open cell foam material allows air to flow through the foam design. It has varying thickness for comfort and support.

6.    The Xen Cushion 3MC has two independent sides for you to rest your face up against.

7.    The 3MC design allows for head ventilation at the top of the pillow.


The benefits:

1.       The orthopedic Xen Cushion 3MC provides a complete bio-mechanical cervical neck support comfort system resulting in muscle tension, stress, aches and pain relief solutions using mini surround adjustable   cushions.

2.       The 3MC is the only cushion that can be transformed in contour because of its shape and foam flexibility to adjust to a multitude of positions for the neck and upper spine, providing maximum pressure point support   to relieve cervical muscle tension and stress. 

3.       The 3MC is used for your daily neck aches and pain relief or your choice of sleep positions to relieve pressure point neck tension and to maintain proper body alignment.

4.       The 3MC design is unique because not everyone has the same neck issues. The product can be used on either the contoured or the flat side with a completely different comfort and support benefit on each side.

5.       Use the Xen Cushion 3MC for a full neck extension to relieve stress and muscle tension.


Quick Dri-Moisture release, White, Navy Blue and Burgundy

Available size:  

Large Xen Cushion 3MC: 24”(L) x 11” (W) x 7” (H)



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